Rear axle
Fornt/Rear Suspension
Dump Body
Brake Disc
Traction seat
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Add:Runzhou Economic And Technological development zone,Zhenjiang,Jiangsu

    Established in 1995, Zhenjiang Juneng Mine Equipment Manufacture Co.,Ltd. (JN) is one of the few equipment manufacturers specialized in the mining industry with both export and import licences. With a strong focus on international quality and customer services, and a strategic location (sitting beside the Yangtz River, 312 National Highway and a hub of the railway system), JN has become a leader in the Chinese market.
    JN is specialized in the design and supply of standard and customed systems used on heavy trucks for the mining industry, including rims, front suspension, rear suspension, dump body, frame, braking disc, etc. From material selection (high strength alloy steels), to manufacturing process (100% ultrasonic flaw detection for all welding, and special processing to eliminate all stress formed during the ...

325M Frame
63×36 Rims
MT3600 Rear axle
Fornt Suspension
Rear Suspension
630E Body
Brake Disc
630E Traction seat
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